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Wanaka weather forecast

Could you do a skydive in Wanaka today? What about tomorrow? Follow Skydive Wanaka on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates on Wanaka weather which will help you to plan your perfect skydive.  The weather in New Zealand is different to many places so please give us a call to find out whats happening!

Weather sites we love?

The weather is usually pretty good in Wanaka for skydiving and these weather sites are a PREDICTION only, please call FREE on 0800 768 877 or contact us for our thoughts on the weather. Sometimes it may be cloudy or raining in Wanaka or Queenstown but beautiful blue skies at Wanaka Airport so please do call us!


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Remember it is always best to make a booking, here at Skydive Lake Wanaka we can get pretty busy and we do not skydive if the weather is not suitable. We can reschedule your booking to suit you if the weather does not allow.

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